Wood Dash Factory - Wood Dash Experts Inc.

Solomons, Maryland 0 comments
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This company is absolutely horrible.I ordered 2 items and after 3 weeks only 1 came.

Each time I called I would be sent to a recording saying they were closed. Even when I actually got a person on the phone, who promised not to send me to the recording .... I was sent to the recording.

I was then promised someone would call back the next day after I threatened to cancel my credit card payment.

They never called. Needless to say I cancelled the card payment. Whatever you do never use these guys. I'm amazed I got one of the two items.

I'm sure that was only to keep me guessing long enough for my credit card company to pay out. I guess they don't know about charge backs.

What a rip off.

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Wood Dash Factory - Wood dash experts (oxymoron)

Ann Arbor, Michigan 0 comments

ordered dash kit, promised 4-5 delivery, came in 2 weeks.color did not match oem.

tried to return, talked to steven r 6-8 times, kept getting run around,finally got return auth. number to begin return process. website says that once return auth. number is issued, a credit will happen in 4-5 days.

after 2 weeks and several more calls to steven r credit was finally issued minus restocking fee of 50 dollars plus I am out the shipping fee of $18 to send the kit back.very poor customer servive, do not do business with them

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Wood Dash Factory - Rude customer service

Toronto, Ontario 12 comments

I received a wrong part from Wood Dash Experts.After speaking to the first sales person who knew nothing, I was passed onto someone named Steven R.

He was very rude and abrupt and did not even attempt to help solve my problem. If there was an award for the worst customer service, Wood Dash would win it hands down. Doesn't people realize that good customer service is what brings repeat business? I will never order from them again and I will make sure I let everyone know via newspapers, internet and good old word of mouth.

Pissed off customer.

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"6. Written by Great Experience at Wood Dash, on 19-05-2008 22:14

I had such a great experience at Wood Dash especially while ordering with John who was friendly and very knowledgable of the products. I am pissed to see something like this about such a great company. Boo to you people who have nothing better to do."

sir you are an ***!!!!


These guys change their name because they are trying to avoid having a bad reputation. Your reap what you sow. Looks like they are too late.

Always do a Google search on the company name AND website BEFORE doing business with them.


I was surprised to find out that Steven R is actually the owner of Wooddasexperts, also known as Onyx Automotive and CarId.Do your research on all three company names and you'll find out that they are owned by the same *** bag Steven R.

They keep changing names to avoid bad reputation.NEVER DEAL with THEM!


I am not sue who these complaints are about, the title says Wood Dash Experts, not Wood Dash Factory.I am the President and owner of Wood Dash Factory and we have no one here named Steven R, we are a family owned and operated company.

I deal with any problems personally. If anyone has a complaint about Wood Dash Factory, not Wood Dash Experts, please let me know.

I can be contacted through our website.www.wooddashfactory.com

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #42971

I recently ordered a steering wheel for my Toyota Camary.I emailed about their price match offer; they will not respond to my emails nor questions about when I will recieve my price match credit nor my hundred dollar core refund.

I sent them tmy steering wheel; its recorded as being signed by their employees via UPS. DONT GIVE THEM THE CHANCE TO RIP YOU OFF.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #42970

Please dont make the mistake others have done.Please use another company.

I ordered a steering wheel. Sent mine back to the address 1380 Rankin,MI; Onyx Automotive. This item was signed for etc. They will not refund my $100.00 core refundable deposit.

I have emailed and emailed and they wont return my phone calls and hang up on me when I do get someone on the line. Use another company.

You would get better customer service and responses from a primate.AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #12947

I had such a great experience at Wood Dash especially while ordering with John who was friendly and very knowledgable of the products. I am pissed to see something like this about such a great company. Boo to you people who have nothing better to do.

Ona, West Virginia, United States #11395

I just experienced this a...h....Steven R also....must be several of them and of course the other person is James (customer service, internet help, etc and who answers the phone when you call)...They must generically use these 2 names for everything.....complete jerks.....do not do business with them at all!!!!!!!

I wish I had seen this before I ordered my part....which I'll never get!

Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States #4983


Sheridan, Montana, United States #4735

Yeap Mr.Steven R is very very rude and not willing to help the customer at all.

I will not recommend this company to anyone.Although the have good products, the treatment that you receive is terrible.

Westford, Massachusetts, United States #3241

Yup I spoke to that Steve R guy too and he was an ***.I ordered a grille from them and it took them more than a week to tell me that I needed to send $25 more on top of the $20 I had already paid for shipping at time of checkout becuase they say their website doesn't allow them to show the right charges for Hawaii, when it obviously told me $20 for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and PO Boxes .

Then when I try to cancel my order becuase of their incompetence they charge me another $21(7% of $300) for cancellation fee.

Horrible Horrible Company.Wish I could tell everyone how crappy this company is.

Mojave, California, United States #2811

I spoke to several, one was the Steven R, and I too was completely HORRIFIED at how rude and disrespectful he was. They do not want to even OFFER to help the customer, but rather they lower themselves to threat tactics and refuse to give out ANY names of anyone higher up there. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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